To reach more readers the following post is in english (Um mehr Leser zu erreichen, ist der folgende Beitrag in englisch).

Below is the list of currently acitve plugins on my Wordpress installation. Feel free to use it as an inspiration of how to tweak your own blog. Just a side note: I am using a few anti spam plugins which kept my blog nearly free from comment spam (< 10 went thru) since the beginning of 2005.

Plugin Version Autor Bschr.
Bad Behavior

2.0.0 Michael Hampton
Deny automated spambots access to your PHP-based Web site.
2.4 Sören Weber Shows avatar images on user comments to uniquely identify the author much like various bulletin board systems do. The Gravatars plugin by Skippy and the Favatars plugin by Jeff Minard must be installed and activated to achieve the full functionality. Please visit the plugin homepage for further documentation.
2.0 Sören Weber Allows or [?php ?] tags inside of your posts to execute PHP code. For WP 2.0 you can restrict PHP execution by assigning the role exec_php which is assigned by default to the administrators and editors role.
2 Jeff Minard A system to show favicon.ico files as avatars: “Favatars”. Entire recode by Jeff Minard
Previous Versions care of: Joen, Paul James, and Matthew.
Google Analyticator
1.31 Ronald Heft, Jr. Adds the necessary JavaScript code to enable Google’s Analytics. After enabling this plugin visit the options page and enter your Google Analytics’ UID and enable logging.
2.6 Scott Merrill This plugin provides an administrative interface to control default gravatar options. Registered users can also (optionally) define local gravatar images that will override their default. Copyright 2005 Scott Merrill; Licensed under the terms of the GPL.
Identify External Links (Shelby Edition)
1.2.Shelby.1 Mark Jaquith Searches the text for links outside of the domain of the blog. To these, it adds class=”extlink”. It could very easily be modified to also add target=”_blank” as well.
Headline Images
2.8 Brian “ColdForged” Dupuis Replaces Post headlines with PNG images of text, from ALA’s Dynamic Text Replacement. Includes soft-shadows, improved configuration, and previews. Configure on the Headline Images Configuration page.
1.2 Scott Merrill Prevents unauthenticated users from “signing” a comment with a registered users email address
Live Comment Preview
1.7 Jeff Minard Activate to supply users with a live comment preview. Use the function to display the live preview in a different location.
o42-clean-umlauts (Shelby Edition)
0.2.0.Shelby.1 Michael Renzmann Replaces german umlauts in permalinks, posts, comments and feeds. Based on code by Scott Hanson.
Plugins Used Plugin

0.1.10 Andrew Chen
This plugin will give you a function to display what plugins you are using. Thanks to Sören Weber ( ) for submitting a fix for a display problem ( ).
Post Restrictions

1.1 Sören Weber
Show private posts to other users if at least one of the user’s capabilities meets one of the post’s capabilities.
PXS Mail Form

2.6.Shelby.1 Shane Marriott
Creates a mail form with multi part verification, various messages and an auto redirect on successful send. Originally based on the contact form by Ryan Duff. Enter {mailform} where you want the form. Recent updates include referrer checks, exploit management and the ability to run with the Markdown plugin. New feature for this release allows the sender to CC themselves.
Role Manager

1.4 Owen Winkler
Role Management for WordPress 2.0. Coding By David House and
Safe Tagger
1.0 Sören Weber Wraps template tags, so that you can securely turn off the related plugin without messing up your blog with error messages afterwards.

2.0 Denis de Bernardy
Terms of useDoc/FAQSupport forum — Disables the rel=nofollow attribute in comments.
Shelby’s Site Manager
1.0 Sören Weber Shows an additional admin page in the Wordpress admin panel. This plugin is not released to public.
Shelby’s Perma Tune
1.0 Sören Weber Modifies the formatting of permalinks to fine tune it. This plugin is not released to public.
Subscribe To Comments

2.0.2 Mark Jaquith and Jennifer (ScriptyGoddess)
Allows readers to recieve notifications of new comments that are posted to an entry
Mod-Rewrite Trackback Spam Blocker
1.1.0 Scott Buchanan Uses mod_rewrite rules to stop common trackback spam techniques.
WordPress Database Backup
1.7 Scott Merrill On-demand backup of your WordPress database.
WordPress Hashcash
2.3 Elliott Back Client-side javascript computes an md5 code, server double checks. Blocks all spam bots. XHTML 1.1 compliant.